Cryptocurrency project list with specs and a simple description

Below you will find a list of the listed cryptoccurencies on our public watch list, with detailed specification. Including the "100 word descritpion" of each project.
  • Information correct for: 07/02/2019
  • Name: 0x (ZRX)Slogan: 0x: The protocol for trading tokens
  • WP: View link
  • Network / Blockchain: Ethereum (second layer project)
  • Type: ERC-20 token
  • Business type: Finance / Trading
  • A bit more: Standard for decentralized exchanges
  • Algo.: NA (runs on Ethereum)
  • Consensus / Governance: Researching Aragon OS / Social off chain consensus protocols
  • Main programming languages: TypeScript / JavaScript / Python
  • Max supply / Total supply: 1 000 000 000 ZRX
  • Announcement date: Early 2017
  • Ico / Launch price: ~ $ 0.048 / 0.00001370 BTC
  • Block reward: NA (not minable)
  • Block time: NA
  • Blocksize: NA
  • TPS.: NA
  • Distribution: (at time of writing) Addresses: 77941 / Top 100 Holders: 80.34%
  • Coin emission rate: NA (at time of writing - the circulating supply stands at ~ 58%)

Team skills / Communication / Partnerships:
  • Team: The websites lists 24 people, out of which (at least) 15 are engineers / developers.Jobs listing: Active. Plenty of open developers postions.
  • Github: 8 open members. Constant updates and commits. 0x often being top projects by the amount of commits, with plenty of contributors, watchers and forks to the main repositories.
  • Communication: Communication is done via Twitter, Discord, FB and Reddit: all are constantly active and have plenty of real users
  • Partnerships and...: Against the teams policy (rather produce than partner up). Actively working grant program for projects that develop the 0x ecosystem.

The 100 words explanation:
Ox is an open-source protocol that enables direct P2P exchange (the OTC protocol) of assets on ETH, and a standard for decentralized exchanges (referred to as - relayers, third party liquidity providers) on ETH. The 0x mission is to create and provide tools for the emerging blockchain tokenization of assets. 0x supports the development of public blockchain protocols, in order to build a more efficient financial system. The token can be used for fees and for taking part in the decentralized governance of the protocol. 0x will probably be working closely with the likes of Polkadot (bridging between blockchains, including to ERC20 standard).