PUBLIC WATCH LIST of cryptocurrency projects

This is a preview version of the List. If you wish to view the full version, please follow the Google Doc link provided below.

Please view the information in each of the drop down sections below, prior to reading the List.

The list contains basic information about each cryptocurrency project, including progrmming language and the main reasons to follow its development.
This is a preview version of the Public Watch List.

The drop down sections below filter the projects by type, with a follow up link to the important information about the project itself.

This includes: the name of the asset, the reason to watch it and the main coding language used in the project.

The information provided on this List is free to use. Please be advised, that most of the information on the List is highly subjective. Could contain mistakes, misspells, biased opinions and other errors. Under no circumstances, this information should be used as financial advice of any kind or in any similar way. It should be used strictly for informational and \ or educational purposes.

If you do not agree with the information provided, wish to make changes to the file, add or delete information, or think that you can contribute in any other way - please feel free to leave comments in the appropriate repository on GitHub: (issues are best suited).

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All information is subject to and will change as I progress the List onwards

The full version of the List, is availiable here:
Asset name:
The name of the asset / token / project / cryptocurrency

If it contains a '*' - be warry

Reason to watch:
A subjective opinion first of all.

Based on facts, observations, market research and project development.

A very brief description of the project in the first sentecne is usually the first line in the box. Either in my own words, or taken from the project's documentation.

Following, are the things I believe you should be watching out for, in this project, as it is those that make it competetive amongst other, and / or similar projects.

The main coding language used in the main repository.

If various repositories or / and languages are used, it will say "Various".

NA - might mean that there either isnt enough information to make a decision or it is irrelevant (in the case of a development or a technology type project)

Rail and store of value
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