Blocksult systematic consulting services - System, product and vision

We make your dream work!

Sometimes it can be hard to understand how to make things work the way you imagined them to work. This is when we turn to the market, in order to help us to achieve our goals. The problem is, that most of the tools that the market offers are over-complicated, and do not focus on your needs.

Our wish is to help product developers and business owners to see their visions become what they have planned them to become. Our vision is to help them make a product that can reach the market, and become a success.

Our task, is to help our clients put together the product that is inside their heads, to work. To place all the parts of the puzzle together in a simple and efficient manner.

In order to achieve this, we concentrate on 3 important aspects of product development, those are:

  • Systematic Architecture
  • Product Ownership and Management
  • Consulting and Straightening

What is systematic architecture?

Each task should ideally begin with a few simple questions, those are: what, why, how and who for?

In order to build the perfect product, one must understand that each part of that product is a separate system, and each of those systems is essentially a part of a bigger system (or can be broken down into smaller subsystems), and so on.

When we say system, what we mean is - an aggregation of either material or informational aspects, that have some kind of value.

Any system contains a number of elements that are vital to its functioning. Each one of those elements, usually, is also a separate system on its own, that also contains other, essential elements - and so forth.

By those, we can conclude- that any system is a hierarchy of subsystems that are included inside it.

Our initial task is to identify and draw out those systems in order to understand the main goal of your product.

We then go onto identifying the relations between each of those systems and subsystems, because in order for the product to work - just having a systematic approach isn't enough.

We must understand how to achieve the best possible relations between each part of the system, and that helps us to achieve, what we call - a systematic network effect and finally, a structured system.

Our goal is NOT to achieve this:

But, rather, to achieve that:
In order for us to build this kind of approach and to develop a concept and an architecture, we must understand how to analyze and evaluate the product in question.

Our reason for evaluating any concept - is the achievement of a systematic model that will be as close as possible in its understanding to the final product architecture, and carry out the desired functions of that product.

This helps the client to understand how the product will function at each stage, how it will behave in different environments, and what kind of flaws it might have.

Our goal is to connect all the dots together into a whole picture, that will grant you an understanding of how the product must function, and helps us to create a structured systematic approach.

A perfect example of such a system is a tree (an oriented graph), where the "roots" eventually connect with the "leaves" of the system, without any loops.

What is product ownership and management and why this is essential?

Now, it is important to note, that we do not provide micromanagement for your business, we do not run your business for you.

It is solely you, the owner, that is in charge of all the decisions.

With that in mind, we believe that product ownership and management is one of the most essential parts of the success of your company.

A product owner is responsible for prioritizing tasks and execution, while maintaining product concept and integrity. He drives and defines iteration goals, contributes to the vision and sees the solution.

A product manager is responsible for understanding the needs of your customers' \ product and guiding tasks. He identifies market needs, owns the vision, understands the roadmap, drives objectives and establishes clear criteria.

The problem that most business owners face is the lack of understanding of what are the next steps after drawing out the concept.

They come across issues, such as:

  • Not being able to put the team together
  • Not being able to draw out plans for the team
  • Not being able to run things as planned
  • Not being able to complete tasks
  • Not being able to communicate different parts of the system
  • Not being able to achieve the desired goal, etc

This, eventually, leads to the original vision being changed, new costs arise, and disappointment in not being able to achieve the planned goals.

Our team understands and values your time and money. We understand that simply creating the perfect concept is not enough. The next, essential stage, is to plan out the "how" - how to achieve that concept.

We help you to draw out a strategy which will in turn - help you to hire the right people, understand the required steps in analyzing the market, plan out your costs and see your initial vision being brought to the correct market.

To do this we concentrate on the task of drawing out the most suitable product roadmap for you, by taking into consideration the qualities of your product, the needs of your market, the required steps of the implementation, drawing out a long term strategy and understanding the development process, together with you.

General consulting and straightforward tasks

So finally, we achieve the what and the how. Most companies stop here and do not offer you any further help.

We, sincerely, believe in our clients and in their products, hence, we offer not just conceptual architecture and roadmaps. We also want to help our clients oversee any issues they might stumble upon on their journey.

We offer each of our clients, a free in-detail insight into their business, 2 months after the initial creation of the concept.

We look and evaluate what has been achieved, and help to identify what went off-track. That helps us to point the client in the direction of his original vision.

We offer individual consulting packages to each one of our clients. Those are hand-tailored individually and specifically to the needs of your company.

What we don't do!

We are focused on the above for a few reasons.

We believe in what we do and in the vision of our clients. We only work with clients that really want their product and vision to succeed. In order to help them to achieve that dream, we concentrate on what we believe is essential:

  • System, product and vision

We are not a VC, we do not hire people for you, we do not run your business and we do not create obstacles. Our goal is to help you bring your product to the market and to see your vision fulfilled.

We do offer general consulting services, and do have partners that can help your company to complete most tasks, but - this is not our main goal!

We work in the field of: IT, finance, blockchain technology, VR\AR, IoT, robotics, HoReKa, and so on.

If you have any questions left about what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form on the website.